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Renewable Energy Database


Renewable Energy Database,based in Berlin, Germany, was created in 2008 by a group of students and experts professionally and privately dealing with the subjects of renewable energies and energy efficiency. Since the beginning their goal has been to make the rapidly developing renewable energy market more transparent and, through the popularization of the most recent and efficient technologies in the green energy sector, make the global development more sustainable. Currently Renewable Energy Database plays a vital role in the global transfer of information about the latest developments in the area of renewable energy. By presenting companies and organizations dealing with sustainable development it helps to stimulate networking between actors active in the same area. This facilitates the exchange of information and cooperation on projects dealing with green energy. Renewable Energy Database is also playing an important role in organizing and promoting events in the area of renewable energy. Currently it enjoys the status of a Media Partner of 58 conferences dealing with the issues of sustainable development and global warming. By publishing information about the events on the Maps of Events and in the Renewable Energy Directory it helps the visitors to find an event dealing with a specific subject in a given area. In 2011 with over 30 000 visitors monthly from 97 countries Renewable Energy Database has become one of the major global renewable energy platforms participating in the global transfer of knowledge in the green energy sector. To take advantage of its success and promote your event, company, organization or product simply send an email to

Renewable Energy Database
ul. Prinzenallee 14, 10243 Berlin, cały kraj / Internet
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